Our Process

Our Process

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At Pivot, our design development team consists of the owner(s), architect, designer, engineer [as necessary], contractor, and estimator, all in collaboration to achieve the finest, thoughtful space designed around you and your needs.

Additionally, we believe budget goes hand in hand with design and build. Too often, owners hire an architect to design their project, only to be disappointed once they have learned the cost, and then it’s back to the drawing board. From beginning to end you will know where the budget stands, and for those moments when it needs reigned in, we will provide expert advice on how to save while maintaining the overall spirit of the design.

Here’s where we learn your goals. We’ll listen, gather notes with photos – all with the goal to gather enough information to create a complimentary written Opinion of Cost [OPC].

The Opinion of Cost is meant to provide a realistic idea of what we believe the project will cost expressed in the form of a range, with a 10% ‘spread’. This provides room to accommodate the design details which are always forthcoming.

Included with the Opinion is a broad-brush scope of work, our opinion of cost expressed as a range, information pertaining to the design process [when can we begin, how long will it take, and how much should it cost], and information to the construction process [when can we begin, how long will it take once started, etc.].

This is a design agreement based on hourly rates, invoiced monthly for the previous month’s work.

We will ask for a $2,000 retainer which sits on hand throughout the design and construction projects.

The PSA remains in affect throughout the construction project should their be a need for architectural, design, or engineering services after the project has started.

Depending on the complexity of the project, most designs can be completed in approximately seven to nine weeks.

You will end up with a detailed scope of work and construction drawings

This is a two-to-three-week process where trades are brought to the home to see the project firsthand in order to provide their input on what they believe their particular discipline will cost. This step completes the due diligence process to reduce, if not eliminate surprises, and allows Pivot to come up with a final, fixed price for the project [versus a range].

This is what your project will cost.

Change Orders can and will occur. There are only two types of change orders.

Client driven change orders: The first and most common C.O. is known as a ‘client driven’ change order. This is something you have decided to add, change, or delete to the scope of work after contract. It’s normal and happens all the time.

Discovery Change Order: The 2nd type of change order is less common, and known as a discovery change order. A legitimate change order is when something shows up that could not have been reasonably known prior to that something getting opened up [say termites behind a wall, an underground cistern no one knew about]. When a discovery occurs, you will be informed and a price will be given to resolve the issue. Importantly, if the item should have reasonably been known prior to contract, it becomes Pivot’s responsibility to cover the associated costs.

We’ll have a six-page agenda introducing you to the team, discussing logistics, expectations, communication, and more.

You’ll have a Project Manager or Lead Carpenter assigned to your project. We do not engage in ‘fly by night’ project management. Your PM / LC will be responsible to ensure your project and experience ends as you imagined when all of this began, to include planning, oversight, and regular communication.

We’ll have a final walk through celebrating the completion of your project and ensuring your complete satisfaction.

We provide a one-year warranty on all labor and materials except for manufacturer warranties, which may be longer. We’ll even send you a letter in eleven months reminding you to have a look around to make sure there’s nothing that needs addressed.